Ivory Homes Building Dreams Scholarship

Ivory Homes will offer multiple $2,000 scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year for the University of Utah. These scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated experience serving and working with the Latina/Latino community. Applicants must be entering freshmen or SLCC transfer students with preference given to first generation students.

Students transferring from Salt Lake Community College to the University of Utah must:

(1) have completed 30 credit hours or more at the time of their application

(2) have lived in Utah for three or more years

(3) graduated from a Utah high school.

(4) demonstrate financial need and complete a FAFSA (Students not eligible for FAFSA please contact Tim Despain TDespain@sa.utah.edu or Alonso Reyna Rivarola alonso.reyna@utah.edu for more information)


En el año académico 2018-2019, Ivory Homes ofrecerá ocho becas de $2,000.00 para estudiantes que han demostrado experiencia en sirviendo y trabajando para la comunidad Latina/o. Estas becas serán solamente para la Universidad de Utah. Las becas son disponibles para estudiantes que estén en su último año de secundaria o para estudiantes que están a punto de transferirse de Salt Lake Community College hacia la Universidad de Utah. Adicionalmente, preferencia se le dará a estudiantes que son los primeros en su familia estudiando en un colegio/ una universidad. Para calificar, los estudiantes transfiriendo tienen que 1) haber vivido en el estado de Utah por tres años o mas, 2) haberse graduado de una escuela secundaria del estado de Utah, y 3) haber terminado 30 créditos o más.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Academic Level in the 2019/20 year
  2. Highest level of school completed by Parent 1
  3. Highest level of school completed by Parent 2
  4. Do you, or either of your parents, work in the construction industry?
  5. If you answered yes to the question above, in what trade do you/your parent(s) work in and for which company?
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