Travis Rigby Scholarship

The Travis Rigby Endowed Scholarship awards $5,000 a year to Daily Utah Chronicle staff members with preference given to staff writers. These scholarships are available to full-time (15 credit hours or more) students at the University of Utah.

To be eligible for a Travis Rigby Scholarship, applicants must be:

  • A current University of Utah student;
  • A Daily Utah Chronicle staff member/writer during Fall 2019 and Spring 2020;
  • Progressing satisfactorily toward their first undergraduate degree with a 2.0 GPA or higher.


Supplemental Questions
  1. Academic Level in the 2019/20 year
  2. Resume
  3. Writing Samples

    Please submit two published writing samples from The Daily Utah Chronicle. Documents must be in PDF format.
    NOTE: If you are not a writer for the chronicle, please contact Jake Sorensen ( or 801-581-7540) to confirm what writing samples you should include.

    • Published Writing Sample #1 (PDF File Only)
    • Published Writing Sample #2 (PDF File Only)
  4. Personal Statement (minimum 400 to maximum 500 words. PDF file only)

    A personal statement of one-page written by the student answering: "How will working as a journalist at the Chronicle impact my education and future career and why is receiving this scholarship important to my experience as a student?"

  5. References

    Please provide two references. One of which must be someone familiar with the your writing ability, preferably a current editor/supervisor at the Chronicle. The second must be a professional or academic reference. Family members cannot serve as references. 

    • Reference #1 - Email
    • Reference #1 - Name
    • Reference #1 - Phone
    • Reference #1 - Type
    • Reference #2 - Email
    • Reference #2 - Name
    • Reference #2 - Type
    • Reference #2 -Phone