College of Engineering Transfer Scholarship

This scholarship helps to encourage and support transfer students from other colleges and universities.

Richard B. Brown
Supplemental Questions
  1. Write a 500 word personal statement describing your academic, professional, and personal goals. Please address the following items in your statement: Explain why you are a good candidate for scholarships; Tell us why you want to be an engineer; Describe your after-graduation plans; List academic accomplishments, honors, or awards you have received; Discuss your involvement in the university community and in your home community. ( Sample Personal Statement Outline )
  2. Upload a brief account of your professional work experience in the form of a resume. You may include extracurricular activities, academic projects, awards, and other information that will support your scholarship application.
  3. Please update a copy of your transcript.
  4. What is your intended major of study?
  5. Please supply the name and email of two academic references. These should be teachers who have had you in at least one class. You should ask them first before entering their email into your application.
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