C. Charles Hetzel III Scholarship

C. Charles Hetzel III graduated from the University of Utah in 1963 and went onto become a highly successful Wall Street Investment Manager. Mr. Hetzel is a strong advocate for education and an active member of the National Honors Advisory Board. Mr. Hetzel generously created scholarship funds to assist U.S. citizens who are currently at a non-resident status and admitted to or enrolled in the Honors College.

$10,000 tuition based
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently at a "non-resident" status with the University of Utah?
  2. Have you been accepted to the Honors College at the University of Utah?
  3. What is your intended undergraduate major?
  4. I understand this is a tuition based scholarship (no cash award received)
  5. Please provide the name and email address of someone that can speak to your academic or leadership abilities. This individual will receive an email where they can write a recommendation on your behalf.