Crimson Transfer Honors Society & Union Student Leader



YEAR 2019-2020



Provided by: The A. Ray Olpin University Union

Value: $2,500

Number of awards: 1

Application deadline: Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. (MST)



The mission of the Union Scholarship Fund is to promote and recognize students’ commitment to creating an inclusive campus community. The University Union strives to promote an inclusive campus community by cultivating an environment that serves students by providing social, cultural, leadership, and co-curricular opportunities. The Union acknowledges and recognizes students within our campus community for their dedication and commitment to creating an inclusive environment.


Established in 2016, the Crimson Transfer Honors Society (CTHS) is an honors society established for transfer students at the University of Utah. The mission and purpose of CTHS is to 1) recognize academic success of all transfer student at the U; 2) encourage and support transfer students as they transition into their majors and graduate school; 3) get transfer students involved on campus and help find ways they can serve their community; and 4) encourage members of CTHS in aiding other transfer students as they acculturate to their campus. To learn more about CTHS, please visit their website.

The Union recognizes transfer students within our campus community for their dedication and commitment in building community and promoting leadership involvement. The Crimson Transfer Honors Society & Union Scholarship Fund provides one (1) scholarship of $2,500 to assist a transfer student in accomplishing their academic goals. The purpose of this scholarship is to identify and recognize a transfer student whose commitment is building community and leadership within the Union and/or campus community. These opportunities can include but not limited to involvement with CTHS.


  • This scholarship is available to transfer students currently enrolled at the University of Utah. This scholarship is NOT limited to current members of CTHS, but to all transfers students on campus.
  • Candidates must take a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits, or if you are a graduate student, you must have full-time status according to your respective graduate program.
  • Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 from the University of Utah or prior institution.
  • Candidates’ financial need will be assessed.
  • Many students who are selected to receive a University scholarship after May 12, 2015, are required by state law to certify under penalty of perjury that they are eligible to receive the scholarship as a U.S. citizen or a citizen of another country who is lawfully present within the United States. Students who have both graduated from a recognized Utah high school and who are awarded a scholarship funded by a private donor are not required to certify their lawful presence before receiving a privately funded scholarship. (This scholarship is a privately funded scholarship.)
  • Students who are required to certify their lawful presence in the United States must also be submitted to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for verification of their lawful presence within the United States. Once the University submits information to DHS for verification this federal agency may have the legal right to share information with other government agencies. If you do not know whether you are lawfully present within the United States you should seek the advice of an immigration attorney before accepting a University scholarship that requires certification and verification.


The recipients of the scholarship are expected to attend the annual Union Scholarship Celebration event during the evening of Thursday, April 4th 2019. The celebration promotes the scholarship on a community level and will be the time when recipients are publicly recognized and awarded.


Teresa Pond, M. Ed.

Assistant Director of Program Coordination

University of Utah University Union

200 S. Central Campus Dr.

Room 255

Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Supplemental Questions
  1. How did you hear about this scholarship opportunity?
  2. Please attach your resume when submitting your application.
  3. Please provide an essay that, in no more than 500 words, covers all of the following:

    • Describes your transfer story
    • Describes how your involvement in community, leadership positions, and/or organizations have enhanced your education.
    • Describes how you plan on remaining involved on campus during the coming year
    • Describes reasons you are a strong candidate for this scholarship.
  4. Please provide an essay that, in no more than 500 words:

    • Describes your financial need