Outstanding Master's Student Award

The Outstanding Master’s Student Award is the highest recognition given by Parks, Recreation and Tourism to a master’s student in his/her final year. The award recognizes a master’s student who demonstrates outstanding academic excellence with outstanding merit in thesis or project and/or excellence in field work or practicum placement; demonstrates a contribution to Parks, Recreation and Tourism through involvement in Student Advisory Council (SAC), Recreation and Parks Society (RAPS) leadership and or Department special projects; demonstrates contribution to the larger university community through leadership in committees or activities of the College of Health or sponsored by the University; and demonstrates outstanding leadership and service to the department, university and larger community. Applicants must be fully matriculated, and should have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and 20 credit hours in Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Nominations are accepted through faculty nominations.
About the award:
This award is given by Parks, Recreation and Tourism.