Health Promotion and Education Undergraduate General Scholarship Application

The Health Promotion General Scholarship Application allows students to apply for all departmental scholarships in one place. Within this application you will have the opportunity to select which scholarships you would like to apply for.

The scholarships included in this application are:

  • Joseph S. and Marjorie A. Jones Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Betty and Gordon Browning Scholarship Fund
  • Donal B. Hutchison Endowment
  • The Kent Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Jack Lunt Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Patricia A. Reagan Endowed Scholarship
  • Karl Schleckman Scholarship
  • Departmental Tuition Waiver

In order to apply for the above scholarships please submit this application. To view specific requirements for each scholarship please visit

Supplemental Questions
  1. What interested you to the degree program you are currently enrolled in?
  2. What scholarship(s) are you most interested in? (You may select up to two)
  3. Declared Health Promotion and Education Major/Emphasis:
  4. Anticipated Graduation Date(Semester/Year):
  5. If previously awarded a scholarship in Health Promotion and Education, what was the award and when did you receive?
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