Student2Student Scholarship

This scholarship was created by College of Health students for College of Health Students, in the Spring of 2017. It was first awarded that same semester.

1. Scholarship recipients will be selected by student committee representatives from across the College of Health.
2. One to an undergraduate student will be awarded and one to a graduate student Spring Semester.
3. Scholarships will be a minimum of $500.00 and the final amount will be determined by student donations.
4. The scholarship recipient must maintain full time student status in the semester the scholarship is distributed. (Spring Semester).
5. The scholarship recipient must have been enrolled full time, two of the three semesters in the previous academic year.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

  • Undergraduate or Graduate students attending full time = 12 credit Undergraduate student and 9 credits Graduate Student.
    *Must be a declared major in the College of Health. Pre-major will not be accepted.
    *Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Must demonstrate overcoming challenging circumstances in order to attend the University of Utah.

The following must be included in your scholarship application:

  • A statement, no longer than 700 words that includes a brief history of yourself, the challenges you have overcome in order to pursue this scholarship, reasons why you feel you are a strong candidate for this scholarship, and any financial information that should be considered.
  • A current (Fall semester) DARS or transcript with grades. If you have been at the University of Utah for less than two semesters, please submit a transcript from other schools attended to the address listed below.

If you have questions about this scholarship, please contact Courtney Garay, Development Officer in the College of Health, 801-585-3205. Email:

$500 Minimum
Anticipated Total

Anticipated total amount over the full term of this award.


Supplemental Questions
  1. Unid (University I.D. Number)
  2. Applicant Contact Information:
    • Email Address
    • Mobile Number
    • Street Address, City, UT., and Zip Code
  3. Current GPA
  4. Declared Major in the College of Health(Pre-major will not be accepted)
  5. The scholarship recipient(s) Undergraduate or Graduate students attending full time: 12 credits Undergraduate Student, 9 credits Graduate Student.
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