Hakon H. Haglund Financial Relief Fund

If you are a College of Engineering student nearing completion of your B.S. engineering program (not available to computer science majors) and are experiencing a significant or unforeseen financial hardship, the Hakon H. Haglund Financial Relief Fund may be able to help you with scholarships aimed at enabling you to complete your degree. GPA is not a factor to receive assistance from the fund, and scholarships may be renewable based on need and available funds.

Preference is given to tuition and those nearest to graduating. Once submitted you will be contacted via email regarding the status of your application. Applications for financial relief are accepted year-round, however funds are limited.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Available to juniors and seniors in core engineering majors (not computer science) who have applied for financial aid and continue to face financial hardship. Provide a one page essay explaining the financial challenges and difficult circumstances that have impacted you.