College of Education Application for 2021-2022

Updated information for 2021-2022 Scholarships

For a majority of the College of Education (COE) awards, you will be able to apply to one or more awards with this application through AcademicWorks.

Please note some departments offer opportunities outside of this COE general application. Students should apply to the COE general application first and then review the individual department opportunities to verify they meet the eligibility requirements and then apply to each of those separately.

The Scholarship Handbook, which is located on the College of Education Scholarship page, is your best resource for viewing all award details, eligibility requirements, and where in AcademicWorks to apply. Please reach out to your Academic Advisor with any questions.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What scholarship(s) are you applying to? Please check each award you wish to be considered for. (By checking the box you are indicating that you have reviewed and are eligible for that award).
    • Ada Roper Memorial Scholarship
    • Adrien Segil Endowed Scholarship
    • C. Verl Benzley, Jr. Endowed Teaching Scholarship
    • Council for Investments in Education Scholarship
    • Departmental Scholarship (Urban Institute for Teacher Education T53)
    • Dianne Asmus Bettis and Norman and Blanche Asmus Scholarship
    • Dr. D.H. Christensen and Catherine Dean Christensen Scholarship
    • Dr. Suzanne Wade, Ed.D. Scholarship for Single Parents Earning Graduate Degrees
    • Edith E. Myers Endowed Scholarship
    • Etta Lou Cowles/Rose Scholarship
    • Faye and Charolette Bryner Scholarship Fund
    • Geneve C. Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • J. George Jones, Jr. and Velma Rife Jones Memorial Fund
    • John Vernon Harry and Shizuko Nakagawa Harry Scholarship Fund
    • Joseph and Evelyn B. Rosenblatt Scholarship
    • Lydia Anna Soeffner Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Marjean Larson Ballard Scholarship
    • Mark & Connie Woodland Scholarship Award
    • Mary Elizabeth Baum Hanks Endowed Scholarship in Elementary
    • Math/Science/Foreign Language Scholarship
    • Melba G. Arnesen Memorial Scholarship
    • Milan S. Papulak Memorial Scholarship
    • Paulette O. Poudras Scholarship Fund
    • Robert Sevy Scholarship for Math and Science Majors
    • Rulon M. and Golda L. Richards Endowed Scholarship
    • Ruth H. Lundgren Endowed Scholarship
    • Shirley L. and Kathelyne Oswald Evans Endowed Scholarship
    • Sylvia Harrie Memorial Scholarship
    • Terrel H. Bell Scholarship Education Scholarship Program
    • The Family of Mary Jane Bosley Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • The M. Lynn and Katherine S. Bennion Scholarship
    • The Maestros Para Los Niños Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • William C. Nutting Scholarship
    • William M. Stewart School Graduate Scholarship
    • Zua Neff Endowed Scholarship Fund in the College of Education
  2. Into which College of Education program have you been admitted to? (hover over help text for more information)
  3. What degree program are you enrolled?
  4. Are you pursuing a degree and/or teacher licensure in the College of Education at the University of Utah?
  5. In what area are you pursuing licensure?
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