Health and Kinesiology Graduate General Scholarship Application

The Health and Kinesiology Graduate General Scholarship Application allows students to apply for all departmental scholarships in one place. Within this application you will have the opportunity to select which scholarships you would like to apply for.

The scholarships included in this application are:

  • The R.O. Ruhling Masters Scholarship
  • The Gordon & Betty Browning Graduate Scholarship
  • The N. P. Neilson Graduate Scholarship
  • Alice Oaks Bronson Research Fellowship

In order to be eligible, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a student in the Kinesiology Program, enrolled in part or all of the academic year during which this scholarship is awarded.
  2. The applicant must have demonstrated academic excellence.

The following indices may be used to demonstrate such excellence:

  • Cumulative G.P.A.
  • Papers presented at international, national, district or state professional meetings
  • Articles in submission, grants written but not funded, papers not accepted for presentation, etc.
  • Grants written (indicate whether the grant was funded and the amount)
  • Published articles in refereed journals
  • Professional service to the Kinesiology Program

Applicants will be judged on their academic excellence and their service records as listed in their annual reports.

For more details about each individual scholarship visit Scholarships are listed on the upper right side of the page.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Check all scholarships that you are applying for:
  2. List and describe off-campus service or volunteer activities related to health and kinesiology in which you have participated. Examples may include the U-FIT Program, Special Olympics, youth sports programs, volunteer health screenings, health-related community service projects, research involvement, etc. Be sure to highlight any leadership roles for these activities.
  3. List and describe up to 5 relevant work experiences in chronological order.
  4. Please write a personal statement so that the Scholarship Committee can have a better sense of who you are and why you are deserving of a scholarship. As part of your statement be sure to include what interested you in the particular emphasis you have chosen, your educational goals, and your career goals. Please be sure to address how you meet the specific criteria for the scholarships you are applying for in this statement; this may include academic excellence, financial need, commitment to your future profession, commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle, desire to be of service to society, and/or commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity. You will only submit one personal statement, even if you are applying for multiple awards.
  5. Please attach your resume or curriculum vitae.
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