American Indian Leadership Scholarship SP 2021

The American Indian Leadership Scholarship was established to assist American Indian, first-generation college students at the University of Utah, whom are entering Freshmen and/or a continuing student. The scholarship award is to assist in supporting students with tuition/fees, books/supplies and other academic needs. Applicant must demonstrate strong financial need.

Up to $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload a Current Resume
  2. Essay Addressing Financial Need
    • 1. Discuss your ethnic/Tribal background (i.e., familial history, first generation).

      2. Discuss personal financial aid challenges in order to pursue your educational goal of attending college/graduation (Provide a brief budget outline for Spring 2020, including personal finances, cost of attendance, financial aid funding, etc.,)

      3. Discuss the nature of your involvement in the American Indian campus community/greater Wasatch Front..