Japan Foundation Scholarship

The Japan Foundation Scholarship will support the study of second-year level Japanese language courses for the Summer 2021 semester. The intensive summer language courses will cover the equivalent of two semester courses (2010 and 2020) and cover the content of one full academic year, preparing students to then begin third-year language courses in Fall 2021.

The summer scholarship will award each recipient up to a maximum of $4,000 for tuition and all awards are pending approval from the funding organization.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Name (as found on legal documentation)
  2. What name would you like us to use to refer to you?
  3. For tuition purposes, will you be a resident or non-resident of the state of Utah by Summer 2021 semester?
  4. Self-disclosure of underrepresented status statement

    We request demographic information from our applicants to include in our reporting. Providing this information is voluntary/optional and will not have an impact on your eligibility.

    Gender Identity

    What is your gender identity?

  5. What pronouns would you like us to use in referring to you?
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