Master of Public Administration Scholarships

Overview: When you complete this application, you are applying for the following fellowships offered through the Master of Public Administration program:

  • G. Homer Durham Endowed Fellowship
  • JoAnn Barlow and Dalmas Hildor Nelson Scholarship
  • J. Steven & Patricia M. Ott Nonprofit Fellowship
  • K.B. Hom Scholarship
  • Major Brent R. Taylor Endowed Fellowship
  • MPA Civic Engagement Fellowship
  • MPA Diversity Fellowship
  • Reed K. & Irene L. Clegg Memorial Foundation
  • Spencer F. & Cleone P. Eccles Family Foundation
  • The Garth and Marie Clegg-Jones and Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Thomas H. & Chiyo Morita Endowed Fellowship
  • Tiffany Bell Stock Memorial Fellowship

Additional Resources: For information on the fellowships, as well as resources to aid in the preparation of your application, please refer to the College of Social and Behavioral Science scholarship page here

Requirements: Must be an accepted or current student in the Master of Public Administration program. 

Questions: Please email

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide a personal statement of 500 words or less that address the following:

    • Your background
    • Your educational and career plans
    • How a scholarship would benefit you
    • Unique obstacles you’ve faced in your education
  2. Are you interested in and/or do you plan to commit yourself to one or more of the following areas:

    • Armed forces
    • Non-profits
    • Public or community service generally
    • Law and ethics or the criminal justice system
    • Helping underserved communities
  3. If you answered yes to the question above, in 300 words or less, please describe your experience and commitment to each of the areas that you are interested in and/or plan to pursue.

  4. Are you a member of, or worked closely with, a historically underrepresented group in higher education, such as a racial/ethnic/cultural minority group, LGBTQ+ community, or first-generation students?
  5. If you answered yes to the question above, in 300 words or less, please explain how this association has affected your attitudes and actions towards diversity and inclusivity in public management.
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