College of Health General Scholarship Application

College of Health Scholarships

Welcome to the College of Health Scholarship general application. This information from this application will be used to award all of the College of Health scholarship opportunities listed below:

*College of Health Advancement Board Scholarship

  • Dr. Lane and Paula Childs Scholarship
  • John and Linda Dunn Scholarship
  • J. George Jones Jr. and Velma Rife Jones Scholarship
  • Richard K. and Maria A. Obyn Memorial Scholarship
    *Educational Resource Development Council (ERDC) scholarship
    *Iron Will Scholarship
    *Kelly and Graham Reeve Scholarship

Applicant must be a major within the College of Health. Pre-majors will not be accepted. If the scholarship recipient changes majors within the College of Health, the scholarship will not be affected. If the scholarship recipient changes majors to a discipline outside the College of Health, the recipient forfeits the remainder of the scholarship. This application requires two letters of reference. Applicants need to ensure that they allow enough time (a week is recommended) for reference letters to be submitted by the reference person before the application deadline. Applications will be disqualified if not submitted correctly, completely, and timely.

For Department/Program-specific scholarships in the College of Health, visit the respective Department/Program website:

Communication Sciences & Disorders:

Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation:

Nutrition and Integrative Physiology (NUIP):
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Occupational and Recreational Therapies:
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Physical Therapy and Athletic Training:

Application, Supporting Materials, AND Letters of Recommendation, must be submitted by 5:00 p.m., the day the scholarship closes. There will be no exceptions.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload: My Degree Dashboard (Formerly DARS) or transcript with grades. If you have been at the University of Utah for less than two semesters, please submit a transcript from other schools attended.
  2. Describe your academic and professional goals and/or how you will increase diversity in the College of Health.
  3. List pertinent accomplishments, honors, or special awards of recognition you have received.
  4. The Mission of the College of Health is to promote health and enhance quality of life through the discovery, application, and dissemination of information on health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, fitness, nutrition, recreation, and rehabilitation processes for changing a society. List involvement in activities that advance the mission and goals of the College of Health:
  5. List all scholarships and financial aid that you have received from the College of Health
    • Amount Received
    • Name of Scholarship
    • Year Received
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