Dr. Kelly and Nate Bricker ‘Experience the World’ Scholarship

The Bricker Scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving park, recreation, and tourism student in honor of Kelly and Nate’s contributions to sustainable tourism worldwide, and, in particular, for the extraordinarily positive difference they have made in the island nation of Fiji in the South Pacific. Financial support for the Bricker Scholarship comes from an anonymous donor who appreciates Kelly and Nate’s positive impact on the park, recreation, and tourism program, Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation, the College of Health, and the University of Utah, as well as countless countries across the globe that depend on sustainable tourism for their economic, social, and environmental well-being.
• At least one annual scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding Parks, Recreation and Tourism major or graduate student. Recipient(s) of these scholarships shall be known as Kelly and Nate Bricker Scholar(s).
• Scholarship recipients will be selected by a faculty selection committee in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Program.
Scholarship Selection Criteria:
1. The Learning abroad internship scholarship recipient(s) Undergraduate or Graduate students attending full time: 12 credits Undergraduate Student, 9 credits Graduate Student.
2. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA in their Major at the time of application and award.
3. At the request of the donors, the scholarship will be awarded to a student who is seeking funding to specifically engage in a learning abroad program offered at the University of Utah, and demonstrate an interest in sustainable recreation and/or tourism.
4. Applicants must be a declared major within Parks, Recreation and Tourism (pre-major does not qualify).
5. Application will be disqualified if not submitted correctly, completely, and timely.