The Dr. Jaleena Fischer Jessop Annual Scholarship was established to promote diversity at the School of Dentistry. As a faculty member at the School of Dentistry, Dr. Jaleena Jessop values all her students. Additionally, Dr. Jae believes there is a deepened experience when the balance of diversity in the student class and overall profession is reflective of the community. She has treasured her experience as a female dentist and has great hopes for future of the profession, particularly in Utah.
One $3,000 scholarship will be awarded.

Applicant must:
1. Be a dental student
2. Has worked in the dental field
3. Has demonstrated financial need
4. Must be in good academic standing

Supplemental Questions
  1. Attach a Resume/CV
  2. (SOD) Please provide the name and email address of an individual who can email a letter of recommendation. This letter must come from teacher/professor or community service representative (someone other than a family member)
  3. Between 250 – 500 words, provide a personal essay articulating how your personal and/or professional goals can be supported with this scholarship. Please include any community involvement activities you’ve had the opportunity to be part of and your experience overcoming any life challenge.