University Teaching Assistantship

The University Teaching Assistantship is designed to bolster undergraduate education while providing graduate students with experience teaching in undergraduate environments. This opportunity is for full-time graduate teaching assistants (first-year graduate students are not eligible). Departments may use the University teaching assistants in a variety of ways to enhance undergraduate teaching and graduate student development. The proposal must be designed by a student and faculty mentor team. Each department may endorse a maximum of 2 candidates – please make sure you are one of your department’s sponsored candidates before applying. *Award will qualify the student for the university’s tuition benefit program, provided all other tuition benefit program criteria are met (including term limits).

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload Sections A & B as a single .pdf file. See the Proposal Guide for full instructions.


    Section A. Summary

    1. Name of department (or program and associated department)
    2. TA assignment(s)
    3. Name and email of teaching mentor(s)
    4. Name, UNID and email address of UTA nominee


    Section B. Proposal Narrative

    1. Title.
    2. UTA Assignment. Include a detailed description of the proposed UTA assignment. Specifically address the novel aspects of the proposal and how the proposed UTA assignment will impact the quality of the undergraduate experience at the University of Utah. Explain how the UTA assignment will represent a departure from traditional uses of TAs in your program.
    3. Interaction with Undergraduates. Specifically address the nature of the interaction between the UTA and the undergraduate students.
    4. Mentor. Include the credentials and recognition of the mentor(s) for excellent teaching and the detailed responsibilities of the faculty mentor(s) with respect to the UTA program.
    5. The UTA. Describe the qualifications of the UTA being nominated for this award. In addition, the proposal must contain a statement of purpose prepared by the student who is being nominated for the UTA award. (See next question below, or Section C of the Proposal Guide.).
    6. Prior support. For those departments having received prior University TA support in the last three years, include an evaluation of the success of your UTA program. Describe the methods used for this evaluation.
    7. Assessment Plan. Include an assessment plan which articulates the purpose and goals of the assistantship(s) as well as the means by which their achievement will be assessed. If you are applying for renewal, please include an assessment of your first year based on this plan.
  2. Statement of Purpose from the nominated UTA: This statement of purpose should include, but is not limited to, a discussion of long- term teaching goals and motivation to improve undergraduate education. The statement of purpose is limited to 750 words.

  3. Please provide the name and email address of the faculty mentor that you worked with to draft your UTA proposal. This individual will be emailed and asked to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  4. Please provide the name and email address of your Department Chair (or designee). The UTA application requires your Department Chair's endorsement. Each Department can endorse a maximum of 2 applicants annually.