University Graduate Research Fellowship

For full-time graduate students who are conducting research or creative projects and who are pursuing the terminal graduate degree in their departments. Award will qualify the student for the university’s Tuition Benefit Program and Graduate Subsidized Health Insurance Program, provided all other tuition benefit program criteria are met (including term limits). 12 to 15 awards given annually.



The intent of the GRF is to provide the opportunity for full-time research during the fellow’s academic year. Fellows are expected to be engaged in full-time research or creative work during the academic year of the fellowship. Both domestic and international graduate students are eligible to apply. 

A Graduate Research Fellowship may not be held concurrently with any other University of Utah funded fellowship.

Recipients of the Graduate Research Fellowship receive an $19,150 stipend for the regular academic year, are eligible to participate in the Graduate Student Subsidized Health Insurance Program (GSHIP), and have tuition paid through the Graduate Tuition Benefit Program (TBP) subject to TBP policies (including term limits). For TBP requirements and restrictions, see the Tuition Benefit Guidelines available from the Graduate School, the student’s home department or online at



Each department may endorse a maximum of 2 candidates – please make sure you are one of your department’s sponsored candidates before applying.  

Must be pursuing the terminal degree in your department.

All qualifying examinations must be successfully passed prior to the beginning of the academic year of the award (Fall 2022).



The following letters must be requested and submitted via the AcademicWorks online application:

1. A letter from the department chair nominating the student and laying out an argument for the award. Particular emphasis should be placed on evidence of the student’s high potential for achievement in research or creative work. The statement should direct the reader to the location of this evidence in the student’s proposal and/or record of graduate study. The chair must provide (a) a statement of the department’s standards of rigor that the selection committee can refer to in its deliberations, and (b) a statement of the student’s potential for future success appropriate to the discipline. If the department has more than one applicant, the chair must also rank the proposals and explicitly comment on their relative quality. Departments may submit only two proposals annually. The Department Chair or authorized designee must submit the statement (on letterhead) through AcademicWorks by the posted deadline.

2. Two (2) letters of recommendation. 



Proposals will be reviewed and awardees selected by a committee of University of Utah faculty members active in research and/or creative work from across the campus. The selection committee is chaired by the dean of the Graduate School and ten faculty appointed by the dean of the Graduate School.

The committee bases its selection on the following:

1. Quality/impact of the research or creative project

2. Candidate’s achievements (published papers, conference presentations, etc.)

3. Candidate’s potential for success; i.e., academic excellence (assessed by academic record and references)

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.
  2. Please upload a description of the research or creative project the student intends to undertake. The student should include in his/her research proposal:
    a.  Purpose of the project;
    b.  Essential features of the methodology, including analytical and/or creative methods;
    c. Hypotheses or projected results (if appropriate to the methodology);
    d. Potential impact, value, importance of the research or creative project;
    e. The proposal should be 3, but not more than four 4, single-spaced pages in length (no appendices) using a 12-pt. font with one-inch margins. Proposals must be written so their meaning is clear to faculty outside the student's particular discipline.

  3. Please upload your current University of Utah transcript.
  4. Letters of Recommendation (2)
    • Please provide the name and email of your recommender.
    • Please provide the name and email of your recommender.
  5. Please provide the name and email address of your Department Chair (or designee). The UGRF application requires your Department Chair's endorsement. Each Department can endorse a maximum of 2 applicants annually.