Alumni "Almost There" Scholarship

The Financial Wellness Center is awarding ten scholarships to undergraduate students who are in their senior year to reduce the amount of loans needed and assist with unmet financial need. This scholarship is for students who may have considered dropping out of school due to finances and just need a little bit of extra help to complete their degree. This a one-time award for 2022-2023 (nonrenewable) and will be applied to the semester in which is your final semester (fall, spring, or summer). These are nonrefundable scholarship funds. Preference given to students who are paying their own way through college.
• Be within one to two semesters of graduation
• Have demonstrated financial need and complete a FAFSA
• These scholarship funds cannot be combined with any other scholarship (college or institutional) greater than $5,000 total and are not refundable. Applicants awarded $5,000 or less may apply
• Must demonstrate involvement with the Financial Wellness Center. For example, attending a workshop or meeting with a counselor
• Attach a well written plan for graduation including a My School Plan form and a plan of academic classes needed for graduation
• Prepare a personal statement that describes your background, academic interests, career objectives, and professional goals. Include a statement of any financial need you are facing.