Alumni Association and Veterans Support Center Scholarship for U Vet Parents

YEAR 2022-2023

Provided by: University of Utah Alumni Association & Veterans Support Center
Value: $2,000, $1,500
Number of awards: 4
Application deadline: April 3, 2022 by 11:59 PM MST

Recognizing that raising children while attending college can create financial, school-life balance, and emotional challenges, the UUAA and VSC established the Alumni Scholarship for U Vet Parents to recognize and promote student veteran and service member retention and graduation.

The Alumni Scholarship for U Vet Parents recognizes students who are veterans or service members who have dependent children residing at home with them. The scholarship provides one (1) primary award of $2,500 to full-time student veterans and three (3) awards of $1,000 to student veterans attending at least half-time to assist them in accomplishing their academic goals. The greater scholarship and two (2) of the lesser scholarships will only be awarded to students that have earned 30 credit hours by the end of Spring Semester 2022. No more than one (1) award will be made to graduate students.


• The student must be a student veteran as defined by the Veterans Support Center.*
• For the greater award, the student veteran must be a current full-time student in good standing with the University of Utah and will be attending full-time during Fall Semester 2022. For lesser award, the student must be a currently attending at least half-time and will be attending at least half-time during Fall Semester 2022.
• If an undergraduate, the student veteran must have earned a minimum of 15 credit hours at the University of Utah by the end of Spring Semester 2022.
• If a graduate student, the student veteran must have earned a minimum of 9 credit hours at the University of Utah by the end of Spring Semester 2022.
• The student veteran must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the University of Utah.
• The student veteran must have dependent children residing with him/her.

Many students who are selected to receive a University scholarship after May 12, 2015 are required by state law to certify under penalty of perjury that they are eligible to receive the scholarship as a U.S. citizen or a citizen of another country who is lawfully present within the United States. Students who have both graduated from a recognized Utah high school and who are awarded a scholarship funded by a private donor are not required to certify their lawful presence before receiving a privately funded scholarship. (This scholarship is a privately funded scholarship.)

A collective term for any student who served or serves in the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of location, duration, branch, or component and who has not been dishonorably discharged.


The recipients of scholarships will be required to share their story and a photo with the Alumni Association and meet with members of the Alumni Association. Recipients may also be required to attend a scholarship celebration lunch when a date is selected.

Applications must be received no later than 11:59 PM on April 3, 2022 MST.

Documentation of military/veteran status will be required.


Angela Brink, Office Manager, Veterans Support Center,, (801) 587-7722
Brittany Lambert, Program Coordinator, Veterans Support Center,, (801) 587-7722

$1,500 - $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Military Service
    • Branch of Service
    • I certify that I meet the definition of a Student Veteran as defined by the VSC in this application.
    • Service Begin Date
    • Service End Date
    • Type of discharge (if applicable)
  2. What is your anticipated Graduation Date?
  3. VA education benefit rate for which you have qualified (%):
  4. Do you have dependent children residing with you?
  5. Provide an essay (500 word minimum – 1,000 word maximum) describing the challenges that you face while raising children and attending the U and include your efforts to overcome the challenges. (You may write the essay in Word and cut and paste into text box.)
  6. Optional: You may provide additional information, such as a statement of financial need, which you feel is relevant for consideration of this scholarship (500 word limit).
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