Anthropology Scholarship Application

Overview: This application will be applied to scholarships offered through the department of Anthropology, as well as those offered through the College of Social and Behavioral Science. It will also be used to apply for the Anthropololgy Field School Scholarship and the Chair’s Scholarship. For information on the specific scholarships offered, as well as resources to aid in the preparation of your application, please refer to the College of Social and Behavioral Science scholarship page here.

Requirements: Must be a declared Anthropology major. 

Please note: If you are a double major within the College of Social and Behavioral Science you must complete a departmental application for each of your majors in order to be considered for all possible scholarships.

Questions: Please email

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your anticipated semester and year of graduation? (EX: Spring 2024)
  2. Have you received any scholarships or financial assistance from the University of Utah or other sources? If so, please list each by name, with applicable time period and dollar amount.
  3. Please provide a personal statement of 500 words or less that addresses the following; 1) Your background; 2) Your educational and career plans; 3) How a scholarship would benefit you, and; 4) Unique obstacles you’ve faced in your education. Note: The personal statement is a key component of the scholarship application, so please make sure your statement is thorough and detailed.
  4. Please describe any individual or university-sponsored research projects that you have been involved in (within or outside of the Department of Anthropology), including any anthropological research, projects or field schools that you have participated in. (200 words or less)
  5. If available, please upload a complete resume that includes academic, employment, and extracurricular accomplishments. (optional)
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