General Scholarship Application for Department of Theatre Majors

To be eligible for a Department of Theatre scholarships, students must meet ALL of the following requirements:
• incoming or continuing theatre majors,
• good standing with the department and university,
• minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0,
• full-time enrollment (12+ credits) during the coming academic year.

Scholarships Notifications:

Expect to receive notification of scholarship awards via Umail between mid-March and mid-April.
You must accept or decline any scholarship offers by the date indicated on the scholarship agreement. After this date, we will assume that you are declining the scholarship and will award it to another applicant.
Before your scholarship is posted to your tuition account, you may be required to write a thank you letter to your scholarship supporter. You will receive instructions via Umail.

Your application will be reviewed by members of the department faculty.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your emphasis within the Department of Theatre (declared or anticipated)?
  2. Based on the Department of Theatre’s 4-year plans of study, which can be found at , in what year will you be during the coming academic year?
  3. Current U of U Students, please upload a Degree Audit Report.
  4. In a few sentences, please describe how you are currently meeting the “standards of professionalism” that are expected your area of study (see emphasis outcomes for these expectations). If you are a prospective student, please tell us what you would like to learn about professionalism in your chosen discipline.
  5. Briefly describe how a technique, skill, or concept you have learned has contributed to your growth as a theatre artist or scholar recently.
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