Wilkes Scholars - Climate Science and Policy Scholarship

The Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy seeks to offer transformative undergraduate research experiences to the growing collection of students interested in climate science. The Wilkes Scholars Program (WSP) will provide outstanding undergraduate students and mentors the opportunity to work together on research to explore pressing climate challenges facing our state, region, and planet.

Wilkes Scholars will receive two semesters of funding during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring). Students who receive Fall/Spring funding are eligible to apply for summer funding concurrently. Students who wish to receive funding through the summer must submit a new application before the March 1 deadline. Wilkes Scholars may be eligible for one subsequent renewal. Students may apply to become a Wilkes Scholar in any semester.

The Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy recognizes that a diverse student body benefits and enriches the educational experiences of all students, faculty, and staff. Thus, we strive to recruit students who will further enrich this diversity and make every attempt to support their academic and personal success while they are here.

Up to $5000 per semester
Supplemental Questions
  1. Project Proposal
    • 1. Title of Proposal
    • 2. State the Problem/Topic of Research Project
    • 3. Specific activities to be undertaken and an overview of time allotted to these activities.
    • 4. Relationship of the Proposed Work to the Expertise of the Mentor
    • 5. Relationship of the Proposed Work to Your Future Goals
    • 6. On average, how many hours per week do you plan to dedicate to this research project?
  2. Faculty Mentor Contact
  3. Student Acknowledgements
    • Award Conditions