David C. Williams Memorial Fellowship


Overview: The fellowship will provide financial support for a graduate student enrolled in the University who is committed to studying, writing, and disseminating research and possible solutions for responsible stewardship and sustainability in the management of public lands in or near Utah. Current David C. Williams fellowship recipients are encouraged to apply for renewal. 

For more information, as well as resources to aid in the preparation of your application, please refer to the College of Social and Behavioral Science scholarship page here

Selection Criteria: This fellowship will be used to support students in the study of the successful coordination of public and private agencies and communities working together for responsible stewardship of public lands.

Donor Background: This generous fellowship is in honor of Professor David C. Williams, who believed that responsible stewardship of public lands requires the informed participation of citizens as well as public and private agencies.

Questions: Please email scholarships@csbs.utah.edu

Supplemental Questions
  1. Major:
  2. Area of Study:
  3. Focused theme(s) within your proposal (check all that apply):
  4. Agencies/groups considered in your proposal (check all that apply):
  5. Are you applying to renew your current fellowship?
  6. Please upload the following (upload all items into one document):

    1. Resume
    2. Two letters of support from individuals who have worked with you on relevant projects
    3. Copy of your most recent college transcript(s)
    4. Brief description of, or pre-proposal for, a thesis, dissertation, or other substantial research paper or project (approximately 2-3 pages in length).
      • Clearly specify a research question(s) in an area directly relevant to themes
      • Show practical utility for public lands managers and policy-making organizations
      • Include a plan for disseminating findings to public and/or nonprofit decision-makers
    5. If you are applying for renewal, please upload your original proposal as well as an updated one.
  7. By signing below, I do hereby consent to the disclosure of my educational records, including but not limited to, official transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays, disciplinary records, and financial aid information, in connection with this scholarship. I acknowledge that any materials or information submitted with this application will be retained by the University of Utah and will be released to individuals related to administration and/or the selection process. I also agree to participate in publicity efforts for the scholarship if I receive an award.
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