ACCESS Scholars: Research & Scholarship Program Promoting Gender Equity in Science

The College of Science ACCESS Scholars is a first-year community, research and scholarship program committed to advancing gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Learn more about the prestigious ACCESS Scholars program by visiting our website.

What does the ACCESS Scholars Program offer?
The ACCESS Scholars Program provides incoming students with a signature first-year experience that helps identify academic and career goals, builds social awareness, develops leadership skills, creates community, connects students to mentors and a network of over 800 program alumni, and yields a cohort of future leaders in science. A year of ACCESS includes a monetary award as well as all costs associated with this first-year opportunity, including housing for the summer experience.

Who is eligible?

  • First-year and transfer students majoring in the College of Science
  • Students who are interested in advancing gender equity and diversity in STEM

Questions about ACCESS Scholars?
Please feel free to reach out to ACCESS Program Manager, Sam Shaw via email to or visit the ACCESS website for more information.

Anticipated Total

Anticipated total amount over the full term of this award.


Supplemental Questions
  1. What undergraduate major(s) do you plan to pursue at the University of Utah?
  2. Please list your cell phone number
  3. ACCESS Scholars seeks to build a diverse and inclusive cohort with individuals from different backgrounds. Please describe how your own experiences, leadership skills, and/or goals have impacted your interest and plans to advance equity in STEM fields.
  4. As an undergraduate at the University of Utah you will have many opportunities to join various programs and communities. Why would you choose ACCESS Scholars to help you succeed as an undergraduate in the sciences? Highlight your interests as well as your academic and career goals.
  5. Please share the extracurricular experiences (eg. leadership, volunteering, advocacy, work experience, etc.) that have had the strongest impact on you and explain why.
  6. Are you able to commit to the two-week summer program from June 15-29?
  7. If you cannot commit to the two-week summer program from June 15-29, or are not sure yet, please explain.
  8. If we are not able to offer you a spot in the ACCESS Scholars program, would you like to be automatically considered for the Science Research Initiative (SRI)?
  9. High School (or previous institution) Transcript
  10. Letter of recommendation - this should address your scientific interests and/or abilities, your leadership skills or potential, and your capacity to contribute to a supportive and inclusive community. Letters from teachers or other academic mentors strongly preferred.
  11. How did you learn about ACCESS Scholars?
  12. I certify that all responses are my own original work and I understand that using responses written by software such as ChatGPT as my own work constitutes plagiarism.
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