Family & Consumer Studies Scholarship Application

Overview: This application will be applied to scholarships offered through the department of Family, Community, & Human Development, as well as those offered through the College of Social and Behavioral Science. For information on the specific scholarships offered, as well as resources to aid in the preparation of your application, please refer to the College of Social and Behavioral Science scholarship page here.

Requirements: Must be a declared Human Development and Family Studies major or a Financial Planning and Counseling major. 

Please note: If you are a double major within the College of Social and Behavioral Science you must complete a departmental application for each of your majors in order to be considered for all possible scholarships.

Questions: Please email

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your anticipated semester and year of graduation? (EX: Spring 2024)
  2. Upload all college transcripts (unofficial accepted).
  3. Maximum 1000-word personal statement that addresses:
    • Educational and career plans/goals.
    • Experiences relevant to your academic and personal goals (e.g. leadership experience, community service, research experience, etc.).
    • How receiving a scholarship would benefit you (e.g. anything you want the committee to know about your personal circumstances and/or financial need etc.)
    Your written statement is a particularly important part of your application. As such, you should be sure to proofread it and have others proofread it as well. From your statement, the scholarship committee will:
    • Consider the effectiveness of your communication skills.
    • consider the nature of your connection to the FCS department.
    • determine which scholarship is the best match for your background and/or career goals (e.g. Petersen scholarship requires a student that has demonstrated a commitment to social justice, whereas the Caputo scholarship requires a student who plans to go into the field of education, etc.).
  4. Where did you graduate from High School?
    • 1. State
    • 2. County
    • 3. If outside the US what Country
  5. What are the three most significant courses you have taken in preparation for your career? Why these three?
  6. Letters of Recommendation - Family, Community, & Human Development
    • TWO letters of recommendation are required, and at least one of these must be from an academic source, such as a current or former professor/teacher. The other can be from an employer, volunteer supervisor, but not a friend or family member. Applications that do not have the required letters will not be considered for awards. Please enter the email addresses of the two persons who have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you. 

      • Your reference must agree to write a letter BEFORE you put their contact information into your application. The very moment their contact information is input, an auto notification will be sent to them. If your reference did not agree to write a reference letter for you, they have every right to reject the system’s request.
      • Once your reference has agreed to write a letter for you, it is up to YOU to check your application to make sure the letter was submitted. You cannot see the letter but will be able to tell if it was received. Check the status of your letters by clicking on the "References" tab above.
      • Letters must be submitted by your reference by February 7, 2024.
  7. To be eligible for scholarships that list financial need as a criterion, a completed FAFSA application is required.

    Applicants who are U.S. Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents, and Eligible Nonresidents as defined by FAFSA are encouraged to complete an online federal financial aid application. Students not able to file an online FAFSA application (i.e., Dreamers with or without DACA and International Students) can fill out a paper application and submit it to the University Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid in the Student Services Building, Room 105. Click here to determine if you are eligible to complete an online FAFSA application.

    • Are you completing an electronic or paper FAFSA application?
    • Will you have completed your FAFSA application by April 1, 2024?
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