LEAP Financial Need Scholarship

This scholarship is for LEAP students who have demonstrated financial need demonstrate experience serving and working with traditionally marginalized communities. Involvement and leadership in University and/or community activities is a plus.

Financial Need

Applicants must demonstrate financial need. Eligible students must file a federal student aid application (FAFSA) prior to the scholarship deadline.. (Apply for federal financial aid online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov

If you have questions on whether your can apply for federal student aid, please review this website: Financial Student Aid for non-citizens

If you would like more information, please visit: The Scholarship and Financial Aid Website

Required Documents

Current Unofficial Transcript or DARS

Typed personal statement of about 500 words written by you. Your personal statement should talk about your life experiences and how this scholarship will aid your educational endeavors.
Want help with writing strong personal statements? Contact the Writing Center, the Career Center, and from Student Success Coaches.



  • Any scholarship award will apply to the 2024-25 academic year and will be paid in two equal installments, Fall and Spring semesters.
  • You must demonstrate through your personal statement and/or resume your qualifications for this scholarship.
  • Materials must be submitted electronically no later than midnight on March 1, 2024.
  • LEAP students must have completed two semesters of LEAP by May 2024.

For questions regarding LEAP Scholarships you can contact Kaley Tucker (801) 587-3177 or kaley.tucker@utah.edu.
Several scholarships will be awarded. Funding provided by Ruth Eleanor and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation and Goudie Trust.

Up to $2000.00
Supplemental Questions
  1. Academic Level
  2. Most Recent LEAP Class
  3. Most Recent LEAP Professor
  4. What is the higest level of education completed by your mother/female guardian?
  5. What is the highest level of education completed by your father/male guardian?
  6. Community - University Involvement

    Some scholarship funding gives preference to students who can demonstrate service, a commitment to, and/or experience working with any of the following groups. Select any or all that apply. Use your personal statement and/or resume to illustrate your involvement:


  7. Any other group not listed above:
  8. Financial Need Acknowledgement
  9. Race/Ethnicity (Select any/all that apply) Optional
  10. What world region is your family from? (Select any/all that apply) Optional
  11. Student Disability (Select any/all that apply) Optional
  12. Gender Identity Optional
  13. Veteran Optional
  14. Required Documents

    All documents are required to be in .pdf format.

    Please name your attachments in a similar manner: smithjohnstatement.pdf, smithjohnresume.pdf, etc.

    If you need assistance in converting your documents to a PDF format you can contact your Peer Advisor

    Please upload your most current Unofficial Transcript or DARS.

  15. Each scholarship focuses on different experiences and needs and will require a unique personal statement.

    Please upload your personal statement.

  16. A properly formatted resume is extremely helpful to your scholarship; please use a format similar to that provided by the Career & Professional Development Center.

    Please upload your resume.

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