Studio Art Scholarships

To apply for all open studio art scholarships available in the Department of Art & Art History, please answer the required questions and upload your portfolio. This single application provides the student the opportunity to receive an award from the following scholarships: Carmen Morton Christensen, Grace Durkee Meldrum, Jack and Florence Sears, Thomas and Susan Rugh, Florence Ware, Leone S. McGowan Memorial, and the Departmental scholarships.

Several of the scholarships available are need based, or specific to certain areas of emphasis, or research topics. We have included additional questions that cover these criteria. Please answer each specific question you feel will best help the committee select the appropriate award that fits your needs.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your portfolio as a PDF file.
  2. URL for submitting video or sound files
  3. One of the scholarships is awarded to students working in figurative drawing and painting. Briefly describe some of the work you have done recently that fits this description.
  4. One of the scholarships is awarded to students who are pursuing the traditional arts in landscape painting. Briefly describe how your art work and goals match this description.
  5. One of the scholarships is awarded to advanced undergraduate students studying American art, especially regional and Utah art. Briefly explain how your work and goals match this description.