School of Dance Scholarships

This scholarship is for School of Dance majors only. No other applicants will be considered.

Supplemental Questions
  1. 500 Word Essay for Continuing Students: Please describe your contributions and/or service to the School of Dance this year, then describe your plans for the future, including ideas for auditions, internships, professional opportunities, and/or graduate studies, following your graduation from the School of Dance.
  2. 500 Word Essay for Incoming Students: Please describe why you want to attend the Ballet/Modern Program, what you will bring to the School of Dance, and your aspirations while you are here and after graduation.
  3. What is your cumulative GPA if incoming student or last semester GPA if U of U Continuing student?
  4. What is your anticipated graduation date for your School of Dance major?
  5. What is your current year of your program in the School of Dance?
  6. What is the anticipated date for completion of your FASFA application?
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