(School of Dentistry) Educational Resource Development Council (ERDC)

The Educational Resource Development Council of University of Utah Health will award scholarships to deserving students from the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and Colleges of Nursing, Health, and Pharmacy who have demonstrated excellence in their field and have financial need. Diversity will also be emphasized.
Must be current student. (not open to incoming freshman)
• 3.5 GPA where applicable (School of Medicine Dean’s Choice Pass/Fail)
• A full-time declared major in one of the above-mentioned colleges or schools whose field of study has an emphasis on diversity.
• A prospective junior, senior, or graduate student.
• Finalists will be REQUIRED to attend the ERDC Scholarship Introduction Lunch.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Anticipated Graduation Date (Semester and Year):
  2. Cumulative GPA (if applicable):
  3. Please write a brief personal history including academic and professional goals:
  4. Please state the reasons you should be considered a candidate for this scholarship:
  5. Please provide the name and email address of a faculty member that can speak to your academic ability. You should notify the faculty member that you are using them as a reference and that their deadline to submit a response on your behalf is March 15, 2021