Sustainable Tourism & Recreation Experiential Learning Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Dr. Kelly Bricker and Nathan Bricker, with a match from the College of Health and an Anonymous Donor of the University in honor of leaders in sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation and adventure programs who have passed on, yet have left a legacy of providing access to amazing outdoor experiences and protecting biodiversity of our planet.

1. The Learning abroad internship scholarship recipient(s) Undergraduate or Graduate students attending full time: 12 credits Undergraduate Student, 9 credits Graduate Student in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.
2. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA in their Major at the time of application and award.
3. At the request of the donors, the scholarship will be awarded to a student who is seeking funding to specifically engage in a learning abroad program offered at the University of Utah, and demonstrate an interest in sustainable recreation and/or tourism.
4. Applicants must be a declared major within Parks, Recreation and Tourism (pre-major does not qualify).
5. Application will be disqualified if not submitted correctly, completely, and timely.
The following must be included in your scholarship application:
• Demonstrate financial need.
• A well-written and compelling essay, no longer than 1000 words that includes a brief history of yourself, your academic and professional goals, the importance of traveling abroad, and reasons why you feel you are a strong candidate for this scholarship.
• A list of any pertinent accomplishments, honors, or special awards of recognition you have received.
• A current (fall semester) My Degree Dashboard (Formerly DARS) or transcript with grades. If you have been at the University of Utah for less than two semesters, please submit a transcript from other schools attended.
• Involvement in activities that advance the mission and values of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.
• Distinctive strengths within your area of interest (community service, leadership skills, etc.)