Bradley Parker Memorial Scholarship

The Bradley Parker Memorial Scholarship will offer 1 to 2 scholarships per year of $1,000 to students (undergraduate and graduate students are eligible) who plan to travel abroad for field research related to their studies during summer 2024 or the 2024-2025 academic year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Name (as found on legal documentation):
  2. What name would you like us to use to refer to you?
  3. For tuition purposes, will you be a resident or non-resident of the state of Utah by Summer 2024 semester?
  4. Are you a transfer student? Please respond Yes or No. If you are a transfer student, please list the institution you are transferring from.
  5. Optional Demographic Information

    We request demographic information from our applicants to include in our reporting. Providing this information is voluntary/optional and will not have an impact on your eligibility.

    What is your gender identity?

  6. What pronouns would you like us to use in referring to you?
  7. Please check next to the racial category/categories that you most identify with:
  8. Other racial category/categories that you identify with:
  9. Are you Hispanic or Latina/o/x/e (a person of Cuban, Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American origin, or from another Latin American country regardless of race)?
  10. Do you identify as or have origins in any of the indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America?
  11. If yes, please specify:
  12. Did you parent(s)/guardian(s) graduate from college?
  13. Have you served or are you currently serving in the U.S. Military?
  14. Academic Information

    What is your degree program (BA, BS, MA, JD, PhD, etc.)?

  15. What is your major department?
  16. What is your expected graduation date?
  17. What is your cumulative University of Utah GPA?
  18. Upload an unofficial transcript from the University of Utah. Note: File names can only include letters, numbers, a maximum of one period, and the following characters: _ -
  19. Please provide the name and email address of the faculty member you are working with on your field research who can confirm your field research project.
  20. Statement of Purpose

    Please include a typed statement (of no more than 500 words) in which you identify in concrete terms your field research plan and discuss your academic and career goals.
  21. Statement of Consent

    I affirm that I understand that I must be approved for my study abroad program before the funds are dispersed. I understand that I must participate in a study abroad program in order to be eligible for this scholarship. I understand that scholarships are not transferable to another term. If I chose to participate in my study abroad program during another time period, I will be required to forfeit my scholarship and reapply for a different term. I understand that I must successfully complete my program to retain any scholarships that I might receive. If I fail to complete the program for any reason, I will be required to forfeit any scholarship funds awarded for the program. If I withdraw from the program or am dismissed for any reason after an award is disbursed, I will receive a bill for the amount awarded. I understand that, if I receive an award, I will be required to complete a Scholarship Agreement and meet the terms of that agreement. My failure to meet these expectations will result in forfeiting the scholarship. I certify that all the information that I have provided is true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to all the terms of this scholarship and the expectations associated with it.
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