John R. Park Debate Society Scholarship Application

Applications must be submitted by FEBRUARY 1, 2024. Recommendations must be submitted by February 14, 2024.

Please email scholarship questions to:

Applicants must compete for the John R. Park Debate Society during the 2024-2025 academic year. This includes enrolling in COMM 3270 in the Fall 2024 semester, as well as fulfilling all team requirements as articulated in the scholarship agreement should an award be offered and accepted. You will be considered for all available speech and debate scholarships when you submit your application.

Scholarships are awarded for the 2024‐2025 academic year. Students graduating before Fall 2024 are not eligible.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Application forms must include all of the following: 

  • A completed online application
  • A current transcript. High school seniors should submit their high school transcript. Transfer and University of Utah students should submit their most recent college transcript.
  • A 1-2 page resume summarizing your academic accomplishments, forensics experience, and other relevant background information
  • A 1-2 page personal statement identifying your background/interests in college forensics
  • A letter of recommendation that addresses your academic abilities, e.g., from a teacher
  • A letter of recommendation that addresses your forensics background/abilities, e.g., from a coach
  • Any evidence of financial need (optional)

Department of Communication Scholarships. Students majoring in communication are eligible for separate consideration for scholarships from the Department of Communication. To be considered, you must fill out the Department of Communication Undergraduate Scholarship Application.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Class Standing Fall 2023:
  2. What is your GPA?
  3. What is your current/intended major?
  4. Semester and year you plan to graduate:
  5. Are you receiving any other scholarships from the University or other organizations on campus? Please list them.
  6. Some scholarships have specific priorities. Check all categories below that apply to you and include specific details about each in your personal statement.
  7. If you selected minority above, please provide any relevant details.
  8. Would you like to be considered for a need-based scholarship? *You must complete your FAFSA to be eligible.*
  9. Please summarize your forensics background, including years of experience, competitive events, and highlights of your competitive accomplishments.
  10. Transcript: Please upload a .pdf file of your most recent transcript.
  11. Resume
  12. Personal Statement: Provide a 1-2 page personal statement identifying your background/interests in college forensics.
  13. Letter of Recommendation - Academics
  14. Letter of Recommendation - Forensics
  15. Optional: Evidence of Financial Need
  16. Show 10 more