Alumni Bennion Scholarship for Equitable Access

The purpose of the scholarship is to promote equitable access to community engagement opportunities and leadership experiences. Students are eligible for a scholarship once per semester to support costs associated with basic needs (including tuition, textbooks, commuting, housing, food, etc.).
Active Bennion Center student leaders are encouraged to apply – Applicants must be student leaders at the Bennion Center for at least one (1) semester prior to applying for the Alumni Bennion Scholarship for Equitable Access. The applicant must be enrolled part-time for the Spring ’24 semester (graduate or undergraduate).

Bennion Center Student Leaders include:
• Alternative Breaks site leaders & EBoard members
• Communication Team members
• Community Engagement Cohorts leaders (Events, Service Corner, First Year Experience)
• Community Partnership Programs leaders (Issue Area Coordinators, Partnership Liaisons)
• Curricular Programs students (Bennion Scholars, declared CEL Certificate students)
• Residential Engagement Leaders (RAs, Service House residents)
• Utah Reads Site Coordinators and Tutors

Applicants must be eligible to receive a scholarship from the University of Utah.

This scholarship is administered by the Bennion Center’s scholarship committee. The Committee is composed of Bennion Center staff, Bennion Center advisory board/committee members, and an Alumni Relations representative.
This scholarship is intended to:
• Prioritize students with financial need
• Support community engagement efforts and retention of student leaders at the Bennion Center
• Focus scholarships on Juniors/Seniors to increase graduation rates
• Become familiar with the Forever Utah Network (Alumni Relations)
• Identify measurable outcomes and capture personal stories of scholarship recipients

By submitting an application, you allow the Bennion Center to verify your eligibility with the University of Utah Registrar records, and Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.
The University of Utah determines demonstrated financial need by the FAFSA during the time of initial application. Students not eligible to complete the FAFSA should contact Ashley Stevenson at for the next steps.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently a Bennion Center student leader?
  2. Please list which semester/year you've engaged as a Bennion Center student leader. Please identify the position held and semester/year:
  3. Please identify any other community engagement (Bennion Center) experience:
  4. How will this scholarship support your efforts to participate in community engagement opportunities and leadership experiences at the Bennion Center?