The Ripple Scholarship

The Ripple Scholarship is an emergency fund to provide College of Nursing students with financial assistance to minimize unforeseen financial barriers that arise in emergency situations. Funding is limited and amounts may vary as depending on students’ individuals financial need and cost of attendance. Any undergraduate or graduate student matriculated into a degree program in the College of Nursing and in good standing with the College of Nursing is eligible to apply at any time during their program of study.

up to $1,500
Supplemental Questions
  1. What College of Nursing program are you currently enrolled in?
  2. Which semester do you need The Ripple Scholarship?
  3. Please describe the acute financial emergency or situation for which you are seeking aid. Your essay must answer the following questions. Incomplete essays will not be reviewed and will be returned to the applicant for updating. 1) How much aid are you requesting? 2) Briefly describe the acute financial emergency/situation. 3) How will the funds you are requesting be used to address this situation? 4) How will this financial situation impact your progression in your program if it goes unaddressed? EXAMPLE: I was assigned to a clinic in Summit County for my community health rotation this semester. This morning my car would not start and my mechanic says the alternator needs replaced and has quoted me $550. I’m living on a very tight budget while in school and I don’t have savings to cover this expense. I don’t know how I will get to/from my clinical rotation without repairing my car. I'm worried about failing my community health class and disrupting my progression in the undergrad program.