Women's Resource Center Annual Scholarship Application

Scholarships through the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) have been established to provide educational assistance through scholarships for students. Each scholarship offered through the WRC has an enrollment, grade point average, matriculation, residence and documentation requirement. Please review each scholarship requirement carefully before applying. Applications that have every scholarship selected will not be considered.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The Women's Resource Center offers several different scholarships that are awarded for Fall and Spring semesters. Please indicate which scholarships you are applying to and that you fully meet all of the requirements for that scholarship. Applications that have all of the boxes selected WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  2. Have you ever received a scholarship from the Women's Resource Center? If yes, please indicate which scholarship(s). Mark all that apply.
  3. Please write or paste your personal statement below. Please click help for additional information on what should be included in your personal statement.
  4. Please upload documentation that demonstrates your financial need. Acceptable forms, in order of preference, are: your complete and processed Student Aid Report from FAFSA (this document should be between 5 - 7 pages in length) OR a completed paper version of the FAFSA that is scanned and uploaded. If you are unable to provide this documentation please contact the WRC for other alternatives. This document should be in pdf format.
  5. Please upload your official transcript from the University of Utah. If you are unable to provide an official transcript, please upload an unofficial transcript. Documents should be in pdf format.
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