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Various colleges, departments and offices throughout the University of Utah offer the scholarships listed. Click “Show Filters” to display filter options such as college or major, or use the “Search” box to find scholarships by keyword or name. Select the scholarship name to learn more about the opportunity; see below for further details.  Keep in mind that Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is not fully compatible with Academic Works; for optimal compatibility, sign in using any newer browser, for example: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

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  • To Sign in: Click Sign In in the top right of this screen, and on the next screen you will use your University of Utah sign in credentials.  Upon signing in the first time, complete your General Application. Depending on your major you may be prompted to complete a Conditional Application which is required for scholarships in your major or area of study. Once you complete the General Application (and Conditional Application, if applicable), scholarships that are currently “open” will be recommended to you if you meet the basic criteria. Please keep in mind that being recommended does not constitute meeting the qualifications. You can update and edit any application (including the General Application) until the scholarship opportunity closes.


  • Scholarships with the word “apply” in the Action column (after you sign in) require further action on your part in order to be considered. Click “apply” to complete the application process. Please read the scholarship eligibility requirements carefully to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements (e.g. major, GPA, enrollment requirement to receive the scholarship, other requirements as stated) before applying.


  • IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ISSUES UPLOADING A FILEIf you are asked to upload a resume, letter of support, or any other supporting documentation, please know that the system will not allow for punctuation (commas, apostrophes and periods) to be used in the file name (example of what is not allowed: John.Doe, Resume,2020). Using punctuation will cause an error in trying to upload any of these supporting documents. Rename any file that includes these and don’t forget to click “Save and Keep Editing” after you select the file you wish to upload. Clicking “Finish and Submit” will submit your completed application for consideration.


  • There are some scholarship opportunities for which you do not have to apply, but will instead be automatically matched after you complete your General Application (and Conditional Application if there is one). Qualifying for any scholarship does not guarantee you will receive the scholarship.

The scholarship amount awarded may vary from the amount listed, based on the availability of funds. Disbursement of all awards is also subject to availability of funds.

The General Application you completed will be on file until August of each year. You must complete a new General Application at the beginning of every fall semester.

Important Information about your Scholarship Application:

Scholarship Application Information provided may be reviewed by scholarship selection committees, faculty, development, donors, scholarships & the financial aid office, as well as other areas at the University of Utah. Once a scholarship application, recommendations, and/or a thank you note are submitted, the information will be retained by the University of Utah. Any letters of recommendation in Academic Works will not be provided to the student directly. 

The Federal Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires that institutions of higher education disclose certain consumer information to prospective students. To find a net price calculator, drug and alcohol abuse prevention information, campus safety, graduation rates and more, visit financialaid.utah.edu/u-right-to-know.

Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and Related Retaliation

The University of Utah is committed to fostering a positive and welcoming learning, working, and living environment.  Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation are prohibited by University Policy.   Faculty and staff, including The Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid, have a responsibility to inform the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) when made aware of incidents of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and related retaliation, to ensure that individuals impacted receive information about options for reporting and supportive resources.  Incidents may come to the attention of faculty and staff in any way, including through face-to-face conversations, admissions or scholarship applications or essays, a written class assignment or paper, class discussion, email, text, or social media post.  This obligation applies regardless of where or when an incident occurred, including if it occurred off campus and/or before they were a member of the campus community.  Additional information can be found on the OEO website or you may contact oeo@utah.edu or 801-581-8365.  If you wish to seek support confidentially, please contact the Victim-Survivor Advocates 801.581.7776 or advocate@sa.utah.edu


The University of Utah is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action institution. For detailed information or to request a reasonable accommodation, visit utah.edu/nondiscrimination/

To request this information in an alternate format, please call 801-581-8365. 


Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$1,700.00 N.P. Neilson Graduate Scholarship
Applicant Requirements: Must be a current Health and Kinesiology...
Varies Olene Walker Legacy of Literacy Scholarship
The Department of Educational Psychology announces this opportunity for...
Varies Phyllis Allen Jex Memorial Scholarship Fund
Awarded to deserving students enrolled in the University of Utah’s...
$255.00 Rick Dwore Memorial Fund
Applicant Requirements: Be a current Health & Kinesiology...
$1,500.00 Robert O. Ruhling Scholarship
Applicants must be a current Health and Kinesiology...
$0.00 Susan Harbertson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Students pursuing a degree offered through the Department of Educational...
Varies Ted & Kay Packard Endowment for Graduate Scholarship in the Department of Educational Psychology
A student in good standing in the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program...
Varies Terrel H. Bell Teaching Scholarship Program
Available to: Full-time matriculated students enrolled in a College of...
$0.00 The Anthony W. Morgan Ph.D. Endowed Scholarship in Education, Leadership, and Policy
A Ph.D. student in the Educational Leadership and Policy Department. For...
Varies The Dr. Cecelia H. Foxley Endowed Teaching Assistantship in Educational Psychology
Full-time Ph.D. students in the Department of Educational Psychology...
$1,000.00 The Hilda Christensen Larsen Endowed Scholarship for Sensory Impairments
Undergraduate and/or graduate students in the Special Education...
$2,000.00 The Jack Lunt Endowed Scholarship
Applicants must be a current Health and Kinesiology student. Things...
Varies The Kent Family Scholarship Fund
Applicant Requirements: Be a current Health & Kinesiology major with...
$0.00 The Nyla D. Schowe Endowed Scholarship in Special Education
To be awarded to undergraduate or graduate students studying in the...
Varies The Roald F. and Della J. Campbell Fellowship
Available to: Awarded to graduate students who have excelled...
Varies Thomas D. Dee III and Candace Cartwright Dee Endowed Teaching Assistantship Fund
One or more deserving students who are seeking a doctorate degree in...
$3000.00 University of Utah College of Fine Arts Scholarship
The University of Utah College of Fine Arts Scholarship Applicants must...
$0.00 Winifred H. Dyer Memorial Endowed Scholarship
A deserving student in the Masters’ Degree or Administrative Licensure...
$3,000 Union Student Leader Scholarship
$2,000.00 Alumni Legacy Scholarship for Incoming Freshman
Open to incoming freshman who will be full time students beginning Fall...
$2,000 Alumni Undergraduate Legacy Scholarship for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who will be full time students...
One $6,000 Steve and Angie Smith Young Alumni Scholarship
Each year, the Office of Alumni Relations presents an incoming freshman...
$1,000 Nanieve G. Momberger Scholarship
The Nanieve G. Momberger Scholarship provides support for high-achieving...
$1,500.00 Simin S. Mostofi Memorial Scholarship
Simin S. Mostofi was a student of East High School who was tragically...
$12,000 C. Charles Hetzel III Scholarship
Established by C. Charles Hetzel III, as a way to provide educational...
$1,000 Charles W. and Sharee Sorenson Honors Scholarship
Established by Charles W. Sorenson, Jr., a graduate of the Honors...
$1,000 Darke Honors Essay Award
The Honors Darke Essay Award was established in honor of Roy A. Darke,...
$600 Duane Harris Butcher Endowed Scholarship
The Duane Harris Butcher Scholarship, established in 2002 by Bethann...
$2,500 Gordon and Connie Hanks Scholarship
Gordon and Connie Hanks have been involved in the University of Utah...
$2,500 James B. & Betty Debenham Scholarship
A generous gift from the trust of Betty Debenham established this...
$1,000 Janice R. Ugaki & R. Douglas Greally Outstanding Honors Student Scholarship
Scholarship funds are provided to assist Honors students finishing their...
$1,000 Jeff Metcalf Memorial Scholarship
Established by the Honors College community, in memory of Professor Jeff...
$3,000 Jerry and Terry Debenham Scholarship
The Jerry and Terry Debenham Scholarship is to be awarded to a rising...
$10,000 Kenneth Browning Handley Scholarship
The Kenneth Browning Handley Scholarship honors the memory of Kenneth B....
$1,000 Lear Family Scholarship
Established by Jon and Phillip Lear in honor of their parents, Frank L....
$100.00 Marion Farouk-Sluglett Award Paper Competition
The Marion Farouk-Sluglett Memorial Award was established in 1997 in...
$5,000 Martha Bradley Evans Fellow Award
The Martha Bradley Evans-Fellow Award was established in 2013 by...
$2,000 Martin H. Hiatt Endowed Scholarship
Established by a generous donation in 1992 from the Martin H. Hiatt...
$3,000 McIntyre-Smith Endowed Scholarship
Established by Jerilyn McIntyre and David Smith, this scholarship is...
$1,000 Ophelia Flores Laurella Pathfinder Scholarship
The Ophelia Flores Laurella Pathfinder Scholarship in Humanities was...
$2,000 Shirley Gaufin Scholarship
Shirley Gaufin is a 1967 alum of French at the University of Utah. She...
$5,000.00 The Benjamin Caine Honors Scholarship
Established by Benjamin Caine, a recent graduate of the Honors College...
$1,400 The Honors College Pride Scholarship
The Honors Pride Scholarship established in 2019 is to be awarded to a...
$1,000 The James Svendsen Endowed Scholarship
Established by James Svendsen, this scholarship is for an Honors College...
$2,125 The Sweet Candy Scholarship
The Sweet Candy Company is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated...
$1,000 The Tadd Menlove Endowed Memorial Scholarship
The Tadd Menlove Endowed Memorial Scholarship was established in 2017 by...
$10,000.00 The Thomas N. Parks and Patricia Legant Scholarship
Donated in honor of Thomas N. Parks, PhD and Patricia Legant, MD, PhD....
5,000 The Women's Resource Center Resolute Fund Scholarship
The WRC is offering two Resolute Fund Scholarships which have been...
$2,000 Townsend Scholarship in Humanities
Townsend Scholarship in Humanities The Townsend Family Scholarship in...
$1,000 Vetter Honors Humanities Scholarship
Established by Phyllis (’84) and Rusty Vetter (’82) this scholarship is...