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  • Scholarships with the word “apply” in the Action column (after you sign in) require further action on your part in order to be considered. Click “apply” to complete the application process. Please read the scholarship eligibility requirements carefully to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements (e.g. major, GPA, enrollment requirement to receive the scholarship, other requirements as stated) before applying.


  • IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ISSUES UPLOADING A FILEIf you are asked to upload a resume, letter of support, or any other supporting documentation, please know that the system will not allow for punctuation (commas, apostrophes and periods) to be used in the file name (example of what is not allowed: John.Doe, Resume,2020). Using punctuation will cause an error in trying to upload any of these supporting documents. Rename any file that includes these and don’t forget to click “Save and Keep Editing” after you select the file you wish to upload. Clicking “Finish and Submit” will submit your completed application for consideration.


  • There are some scholarship opportunities for which you do not have to apply, but will instead be automatically matched after you complete your General Application (and Conditional Application if there is one). Qualifying for any scholarship does not guarantee you will receive the scholarship.

The scholarship amount awarded may vary from the amount listed, based on the availability of funds. Disbursement of all awards is also subject to availability of funds.

The General Application you completed will be on file until August of each year. You must complete a new General Application at the beginning of every fall semester.

For Emergency Funds Application for the Summer 2022 Semester https://utah.academicworks.com/opportunities/25189

Important Information about your Scholarship Application:

Scholarship Application Information provided may be reviewed by scholarship selection committees, faculty, development, donors, scholarships & the financial aid office, as well as other areas at the University of Utah. Once a scholarship application, recommendations, and/or a thank you note are submitted, the information will be retained by the University of Utah. Any letters of recommendation in Academic Works will not be provided to the student directly. 

The Federal Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires that institutions of higher education disclose certain consumer information to prospective students. To find a net price calculator, drug and alcohol abuse prevention information, campus safety, graduation rates and more, visit financialaid.utah.edu/u-right-to-know.

Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and Related Retaliation

The University of Utah is committed to fostering a positive and welcoming learning, working, and living environment.  Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation are prohibited by University Policy.   Faculty and staff, including The Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid, have a responsibility to inform the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) when made aware of incidents of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and related retaliation, to ensure that individuals impacted receive information about options for reporting and supportive resources.  Incidents may come to the attention of faculty and staff in any way, including through face-to-face conversations, admissions or scholarship applications or essays, a written class assignment or paper, class discussion, email, text, or social media post.  This obligation applies regardless of where or when an incident occurred, including if it occurred off campus and/or before they were a member of the campus community.  Additional information can be found on the OEO website or you may contact oeo@utah.edu or 801-581-8365.  If you wish to seek support confidentially, please contact the Victim-Survivor Advocates 801.581.7776 or advocate@sa.utah.edu


The University of Utah is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action institution. For detailed information or to request a reasonable accommodation, visit utah.edu/nondiscrimination/

To request this information in an alternate format, please call 801-581-8365. 


Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$500 Kathy J Pedersen, MPAS, PA-C Equal Access to Higher Education Scholarship
Kathy Pedersen, PA-C has dedicated her career to improving Global Health...
$500.00 The David J Keahey, PA-C, BUS, MSPH Endowed Scholarship in Physician Assistant Studies
David Keahey, PA-C, BUS, MSPH grew up in rural Idaho and graduated from...
$500.00 The Dorothy S Hall Endowed Scholarship in Physician Assistant Studies
Dorothy S Hall was an accomplished businesswoman, philanthropist, and...
$500.00 The Maggie Snyder, RN, PA-C Endowed Scholarship in Physician Assistant Studies
Since the mid-1980s to 2017 Maggie Snyder, RN, PA-C, DFAAPA cared...
$1,000.00 The Marcia L Feldkamp, PA Scholarship in Physician Assistant Studies
Dr. Feldkamp, PA, MSPH, PhD is a graduate of our PA Medex Class 9 and...
$0.00 College of Health Hardship Scholarship
The purpose of this scholarship is to deal with off-cycle requests for...
$5,000 Dreamers Connecting Our Community Union Scholarship
$1,000.00 A. Harold & Lucile F. Blake Endowed Scholarship
Annual scholarships are awarded to encourage students in the study of...
$1,000.00 A. Norton & Gloria Chaston Family Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established by A. Norton Chaston (BS EE ’51) to...
$0.00 Abraham Sosin Endowed Memorial Scholarship
In 1974-75 when Materials Science and Engineering was first given...
$4,000.00 Alan W. & Mona S. Layton Endowed Scholarship
Alan W. and Mona S. Layton endowed this scholarship to encourage...
Varies Alice & William Van Talge Endowed Scholarship
Endowed through a gift from the Van Talge estate, this scholarship...
$3,000.00 Aubry Page Memorial Endowed Scholarship
The Aubry Page Memorial Scholarship honors Mandy Cheney’s sister who was...
$0.00 BD Bard Undergraduate Scholarship
This scholarship is for seniors majoring in bioengineering and going...
$1,500.00 Berdje & Ann Bezdjian Endowed Scholarship
Berdje (BS ChE ’84, MBA ’88) and Ann (BA HUM ’88) established this...
$3,000.00 Big Mack Endowed Scholarship
Susan M. Costa (BS CvEE ’93) established this scholarship to support a...
$0.00 Bluth Family Scholarship
Scholarship established by Marcel Bluth (BS ME ’86, MS ME ’99).
$3,500.00 Bob and Mary Gilchrist Scholarship
This scholarship was created by Bob (Law JD ’82) and Mary Gilchrist.
$3,000.00 C.M. Collins Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was endowed by the late C.M. Collins (BS EE ’39) to...
Varies Catherine Singer Scholarship for Metallurgical Engineering
A scholarship fund established in 2001 by the estate of Catherine Singer...
$0.00 Chen and Zee Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Scholarship fund in honor of Jan D. Miller, Milton E. Wadsworth, and...
$3,000.00 Clyde Christensen Endowed Scholarship
The Clyde Christensen Endowed scholarship is an added incentive for...
$1,000.00 College of Engineering Giving Day Scholarship
Funded by the generous donations of College of Engineering alumni,...
$0.00 Daniel C Jackling Education Fund
A scholarship fund established in 1979 by the estate of D.C. Jackling to...
Varies David A. & Hanne J. Duke Endowed Scholarship
The late Dr. David (BS GEO ’57, MS ’59, PhD ’62) and Hanne Duke...
$4,000.00 David E. & Carol C. Salisbury Legacy Endowed Scholarship
Established by David E. (BS BU ’49) and the late Carol C. Salisbury (BS...
$9,000.00 David Jorgensen Freshman Scholarship
This renewable freshman scholarship is funded by the David G. and...
$8,000.00 David Jorgensen Scholarship
This renewable scholarship is funded by the David G. and Annette T....
$8,500.00 David Jorgensen Summa Scholarship
David and Annette Jorgensen wish to support an engineering student who...
$2,500.00 David W. & Sue M. Hoeppner Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is provided by Dr. David W. and Sue M. Hoeppner. Dr....
$0.00 Dee & Jerri Snarr Scholarship for Balanced life
William Snarr (BS ChE ’97) established this scholarship in honor of his...
$2,000.00 Dennis Greenlee Endowed Scholarship
Established by Dennis Greenlee (BS ME ’93).
Varies Department Scholarship Fund for Metallurgical Engineering
A scholarship fund established in 1995 by various gifts and donations to...
$1,500.00 Dewey Family Scholarship
In appreciation of the education William Dewey (BS ME ’68) received in...
$2,000.00 Douglas & Laraine Christensen Endowed Scholarship
Established by Professor Douglas Christensen (PhD EE ’67), and his wife...
$1,500.00 Dr. SB Deshmukh Scholarship
This is a merit cum means scholarship established in memory of SB...
Varies Dwarka Divecha Scholarship
A scholarship fund established in 2004 by Amarnatha P. and Jessie L....
$5,000.00 Earl C. Watson Endowed Scholarship
Earl C. Watson (BS ME ’44) worked as an aeronautical engineer at NASA...
$1,000.00 Elaine K. Hunter Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Established by Mrs. James C. Hunter in memory of her daughter who had...
$0.00 Electrical Engineering Alumnus Scholarship
Established by an anonymous alumnus who wants to encourage and support...
$1,000.00 Engineering Alumni Association Board Member Scholarship
The College’s Engineering Alumni Association Board members have...
Varies Ephraim Hanks Endowed Scholarship
Established by the estate of Ida May Hanks, an Idaho schoolteacher, in...
$3,000.00 Faye D. Taylor Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was funded by Anne Taylor (BS CvEE ‘78, MS CvEE ’80)...
Varies Ferron A. and Donna Lee Olson Endowed Scholarship Fund in Metallurgical Engineering
Scholarship established in 2013 with contributions from family and...
2,000 Flint Bray Holm Scholarship
This scholarship was established by CE grad Greg Bray and his wife...
Varies Floyd A. & Jeri Meldrum Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Floyd A. (BS CvEE ’62) and Jeri...
Varies Frank E. & Jane D. Wagstaff Endowed Scholarship
Established by Dr. Frank Wagstaff (PhD Ceramic ’62) and his wife, Jane,...
$0.00 Franklin and Elizabeth Alex Scholarship Fund
A scholarship fund established in 1998 by Franklin Alex to create the...
$1,000.00 Freshman Engineering Scholar Program
Established to recognize the top incoming freshman students in the...
Varies George A. Hanks Endowed Scholarship
Established for electrical and computer engineering students by the late...