Heidi and Greg Miller Single-Parent Scholarship Cohort

The Heidi and Greg Miller Single-Parent Cohort Scholarship at the University of Utah was set up to help defray the cost of higher education through scholarships to be awarded annually to a cohort of undergraduate, single-parent students. The scholarships are intended to support students and cover tuition,fees associated with their bachelor’s degree. The scholarship award may also be used for a certificate program, childcare, or other costs of attendance. Students will be in a cohort with other scholars and will be asked to attend quarterly events during the academic year for skill-building, support, community and celebrations. Candidates must demonstrate financial need as indicated by the FAFSA. If a student is ineligible to fill out a FAFSA than they need to complete the student aid estimator which can be found here https://studentaid.gov/aid-estimator/ and email financialaid@utah.edu a copy of that estimate and include the name of this scholarship and their UNID.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a single parent with dependents?
  2. Please write a brief personal statement that includes information about yourself, your life experiences, your educational goals and why you are applying for this scholarship. Please be sure that you address each each of the items listed: Academic, professional, and personal goals, Scholarly accomplishments, honors, special awards, or recognition you have received. Community and school involvement; include leadership positions and/ or activities, personal barriers you have had to overcome to achieve your educational goals and any unusual or extraordinary circumstances regarding your situation which you feel should be known in considering your application for a scholarship through the Women’s Resource Center.
  3. How many credit hours do you plan to enroll in Fall?
  4. What was the grade point average (GPA) for your most recently attended and completed semester?
  5. Please upload the Thank You letter made out to the donor of this scholarship by August 15th, 2022.
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