Richard H. and Joann O. Keller Endowed Scholarship  in the School of Medicine

Through this scholarship, the School of Medicine Admissions Office is able to provide recognition and financial assistance to members of the incoming class. Every year, the SFESOM Scholarship Committee strives to support as many deserving students as possible by selecting scholarship recipients whose attributes and actions resonate with the wishes of the donors. This scholarship is contingent upon the receipt of funds each year.

About Dr. Richard H. Keller
Dr. Keller was a resident in internal medicine at the U following his graduation from University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Keller was a successful radiologist in Salt Lake City for his entire career. He lives near the U and helped the School of Medicine interview applicants for medical school for many years. The Richard H. and Joann O. Keller Scholarship, named for Dr. Keller and his late wife Joann.

Selection Criteria:
Eligible candidates shall be an accepted incoming medical student from an underserved or underrepresented population who are in need of finical assistance* and who have excelled academically. Preference will be given to female students.

Application Timeline
First review of applications will happen the second week of January and scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis as the incoming class is finalized

Questions Please email

*School of Medicine scholarship opportunities for students that are in need of financial assistance require that students meet one of the following marked on their AMCAS application:

  • SES -Socioeconomic Status
  • A participant in Childhood Federal Assistance Program
  • Pell Grant eligible
  • Qualified for the Application Fee Assistance
  • The Scholarship Committee with also review your Self-Reported Disadvantaged statement for details that indicate the need for financial assistance

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please enter you highest MCAT score taken within the last four years
  2. Please enter your cumulative undergraduate GPA
  3. Please submit a one to two page, single-sided, double-spaced essay sharing the following information: Why did you choose the medical profession? What are your future professional and personal goals? Tell us about any obstacles you encountered growing up and how you have worked to overcome these obstacles to reach your professional and personal goals.
  4. I hereby acknowledge that the Scholarship Committee may review necessary parts of my medical school application for full consideration.